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We Take Out The Trash

Junkwurks is a locally owned business based in Washington DC and provides services to the entire DMV area including Baltimore. Through working  in the Real Estate industry as an appraiser Marcus has and still provides  appraisal services to homeowners, banks, Attorneys, Real Estate agents, and Lenders for conditions such as estate sales, divorces, purchases, refinancing, etc… Understanding Real Estate values and the process of lending money has allowed Marcus to see the need for junk removal as a first line of defense for any transaction to occur.
We follow strict community guidelines and security protocol in our process which is why we are trusted for our exceptional work and professionalism We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience and serving our areas with affordable junk removal, cleanouts, and clean up services.

We take The Trash Out

Junkwurks for Real Estate Experts & Homeowners

If you’re moving, downsizing, or converting your home to a rental property, extra clutter accumulated from years of living in the same place may discourage prospective buyers.
Junkwurks can help secure your return on investment with help for hoarding situations, staging, decluttering, delivery services, and whole-home cleanouts.
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Our Services

Waste Services

Residential Trash Outs

We can provide a comprehensive solution for property owners and landlords who need to clean and clear a residential property quickly and efficiently.

Construction cleanup

The company will remove all debris and trash from the construction site, including leftover building materials, packaging, and waste materials.

Junk Removal

The company offer yard waste removal services, including the removal of leaves, branches, and other yard debris.

Yard Cleanup

The company will remove any debris from the property, including fallen trees, branches, and other debris.

We Take Out The Trash

Staging and decluttering are vital initiatives when it comes to selling your home. Open rooms that are free of clutter and outdated furniture inspire potential buyers to envision your home as their own, making them more likely to consider your property for purchase.

Allow The junkwurks to remove junk, trash, and unwanted items from your basement, garage, attic, and sheds so you can focus on making that sale. Whatever needs to be removed, we work quickly and efficiently, and leave your space ready for viewing!

Ensure you pay the lowest price!

Agents, we invite you to inquire about partnering with The junkwurks to get the best discounts for your clients. If you’re a homeowner preparing to sell your house, introduce us to your realtor and see what discounts you might qualify for.

Junkwurks values our partnerships

Junkwurks is proud to work alongside real estate agents, property owners, and business owners in the communities we serve.

We look forward to helping keep your listed properties clean, safe, and selling! Please contact us with any questions you may have or schedule your no-obligation estimate.

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